Why Choose Pre-Eng Steel for Your Man Cave or She Shed?

Posted On: October 5, 2022

Everyone needs a place to call their own, especially if you’re living with others! 

Maybe you’ve even thought about building your own personal sanctuary/clubhouse in the backyard or on another property. 

It’s actually not a crazy idea.

Are you thinking of building a barn, shop, or hangar… why not add a man cave or she shed?

If you share a home with other people, or run a business that requires you to entertain clients, having a place to hang out is a luxury. It’s also a practical solution for modern living. 

Superman had his fortress of solitude. You deserve your own space, too. 

Plus, owning an additional dwelling on your land adds value to your property. Call it a “man cave.” Call it a “she shed.” More indoor space is never a bad thing.

Activities once relegated to the garage are now getting a new lease on life by having their own designated space nearby. 

Whether you are flying in to your luxury hangar and lounge or are walking to your classic car garage, having convenient covered accommodations let you indulge in your favourite past times care-free. 

You’re not a teenager anymore. Isn’t it time you moved your get-togethers from the garage to a more spacious spot? 

And the best part of all? You’ll have a place to park your cars again!

Liberty Steel in Surrey, British Columbia, is here to enhance the functionality of your property. A prefabricated steel building is a perfect solution for any family home, cottage, or acreage with a bit of room to spare. If you desire a warehouse, barn, shop, or hangar space with a place for recreation built in, the Liberty Steel Team can complete the task. Liberty can not only design and build structures of all sizes, they can also assist with interior design and fit out of anything you dream of.  

A Separated Space Is Good for Everyone

Man Cave, hanger, Liberty steel

Even the largest homes don’t always have enough room for everyone’s hobbies. 

And it’s not always about space.

Whether it’s based on the level of noise, the messiness, there are just some activities that demand their own designated area away from everyone else. 


  • Exercise studio, weight room
  • An area for home brewing 
  • Pottery, painting, woodworking studios
  • Billiards/games room
  • Band rehearsal jam space
  • The list is endless

Whether you’re a mom who loves hot yoga or a dad who loves rocking out to classic rock, sometimes you need a little “me” time. And if you can do it without disrupting anyone else, all the better for everyone! 

Rather than opting for a complicated remodel or costly add-on renovation, more property owners are choosing to build a brand-new mini-home on their existing property. 

Liberty Steel is known for its exceptional work creating custom airplane hangars. We’re also capable of producing attractive smaller dwellings for people’s personal use. 

The Benefits of Smaller Steel Structures 

Liberty Steel offers a cost-effective building approach compared to conventional stick building (lumber) methods.

Man Cave, hanger, Liberty steel

Prefabricated Steel Saves Money

Steel building components from Liberty Steel can be modified to assemble projects of any scale. Steel buildings require fewer materials and labour hours to construct. We’re talking days (not months) for on-site assembly.  

Steel Buildings are Fully Customizable 

Do you want a standard door or a roll-up garage-style door? Did you require extra insulation for soundproofing? At Liberty Steel, we can help you create the exact space you want while meeting your budget. 

The Final Product Is Cozy

There is a popular notion that steel buildings always feel hot in the summer. That just isn’t the case. Liberty Steel will ensure your new hangout remains comfortable. Whether it’s the middle of summer or the middle of winter, Liberty Steel will ensure your new retreat stays comfortable all year long.

Your New Man Cave or She Shed Is Built Tough

Man Cave, hanger, Liberty steel

Metal structures have a reputation for being durable, which is true. Metal structures are built to withstand the elements and prevent rot, and they require very little maintenance to keep them looking pristine.

Your perfect indoor oasis awaits. Why settle for anything less than exactly what you want? Connect with Liberty Steel today to find out what’s involved in creating your perfect getaway at home.  


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