Modern Metal Building Architecture

Posted On: December 28, 2022
Think outside the ‘design’ box. At Liberty Steel Buildings, we do. The question is, why?

Pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMBs) have evolved from just being functional box structures. Yes, sometimes a functional box is all you need for a barn or oil field building. However, today, your building order options no longer come from a catalog that contains a limited selection of sizes and only a handful of colours or cladding types to choose from. If you desire basic functionality, we can supply and build that extremely well. If you are an owner or architect that is looking for design innovation, building the extraordinary is our specialty.

 Modern Metal Building Architecture

Traditional pre-engineered metal buildings have become ‘custom order’ while maintaining the value of the pre-engineered process and timeline; being manufactured in a quality-controlled facility, ready to assemble on site. As a result of emerging construction technology, updates to building and energy codes, and creative design and thinking within the industry, demand for pre-engineered buildings have increased exponentially. 

Architects in the modern building world have been pushed to think outside the ‘building envelope’ or design box. Due to the capability of steel, pre-engineered metal buildings have consistently provided solutions to structural design problems that once impeded the expansion of the design boundary. Sustainability has also driven advancement in steel design and construction. Architects and Engineers are being pushed to balance aesthetically pleasing design with sustainably sourced materials. Architects are now designing bigger, bolder, better performing buildings with the use of pre-engineered clear-span technology and specialized insulation systems.  

Gone are the days of a traditional boring cold-looking steel building. PEMBs can have creative architectural features that look nothing like the steel buildings you once knew or may currently be familiar with. Our PEMB exteriors can look like almost anything and can integrate with almost any architectural design. A Liberty Steel building can incorporate metal elements that look like wood, brick, stucco, and even stone. It’s often impossible to tell when a building is made of a pre-engineered steel skeleton, especially with creative incorporation of glazing, translucent panels, concrete curbing, canopies, colours, cladding profiles, or other accent features.

 Modern Metal Building Architecture

Modern PEMBs are ready to compete with timber frame and concrete tilt-up commercial and industrial buildings and have been for a while. Pre-engineered metal buildings offer complete structural and architectural design customization that allows for top notch building performance and functionality. Architectural PEMB design is only limited by one’s own imagination. If you require design assistance or are wondering how a pre-engineered metal building may streamline your design and save you money, our team would be happy to answer your PEMB questions and assist your project from ‘concept to completion’.

Design flair doesn’t even have to come with a hit to your budget. There are many cost-effective design options that easily take a basic PEMB system to the next wow-factor level. To blend in or stand out amongst the concrete tilt-up neighbours in your development area is your choice…with exception to following or working within municipal design parameters if they apply of course. 

At Liberty Steel Buildings, we generally choose to stand out. We are experts in BIM modeling, building detailing, and design assistance. We can create anything that your mind can envision and no—it doesn’t have to look like a steel building even though it will be at its structural heart.

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