How BIM Improves Pre-Engineered Metal Building

Posted On: May 15, 2023

How BIM Improves Pre-Engineered Metal Building

At Liberty Steel, doing the right thing for our customers has always been our competitive edge.

Our build services continually amaze clients with the level of customization and architectural flexibility our structures offer.

Our Building Information Modelling (BIM) process features three-dimensional, real-time modelling software that allows our team to accurately predict every phase of a project’s development.

The one-size-fits-all mentality no longer applies to steel-fabricated buildings thanks to this revolutionary design process.

How BIM Improves Pre-Engineered Metal Building, Liberty Steel

State-of-the-Art Risk Analysis

Liberty Steel has always embraced technology that allows for more ambitious concepts.

BIM improves both the pre-construction and construction phases by producing designs with less margin for error. A well coordinated design allows for a project management process that saves time, money, stress, and labour hours.

Is there enough buffer space in the architectural designs for the proposed HVAC system? You’ll get your answer during the design phase with BIM Clash Detection.

Risk assessments are much easier today using BIM than ever before. BIM ensures positive outcomes at every turn.

  • Activity tracking at every phase of the project
  • Cloud-based for increasing stakeholder collaboration
  • Calculates variables for accurate scheduling, material estimates, and budgeting
  • Compares initial designs with current status using real-time simulations and 3D models
  • Depicts accurate geographic data and spatial dimensions
  • Identifies potential conflicts, errors, and on-site risks
  • Teams have access to the same database of information for future upgrades or post-construction follow up
  • Site owners, contractors, engineers, and architects can engage with the plans virtually, in Real-time

We Embrace Innovation

Incorporating the best elements of AutoCAD and Tekla structural design, BIM has proven highly successful, especially in the area of commercial and industrial construction.

Although we specialise in pre-fabricated steel structures, Liberty Steel has used 3D modelling for years. According to many of our manufacturing partners, we’re possibly one of the first pre-engineered steel companies to do so.

Our team members are experts at using software like AutoCAD and SketchUp to create

photorealistic renderings for project visualisation. We are also experts in Tekla Structures, a steel building information-modelling software program that allows our team to virtually detail every building member and bolt that ultimately will be used in the design. BIM encompasses the entirety of your project from beginning to end. Having the capacity to visualise how each component will come together before ever groundbreaking is a complete game changer.

Not only will you appreciate the scope of work from a logistical perspective, but you’ll know how it feels to step inside your new building before it ever leaves the design phase. Our team can even show you a real-time virtual model of your building sitting on your proposed site location!

BIM/ 3D modelling isn’t just used for structural planning. If you are concerned about cladding styles or colour choices, our team can help you visualize your building until you are happy with the final look. Today’s BIM software applications allow innovative builders like Liberty Steel to work in better ways.

BIM Design Is the Here and Now

Think of BIM as a way for everyone involved to collaborate digitally in a more holistic way. It’s not just a big part of the design process: it is the process!

BIM is rich in data and documents every building process phase, unifying the architect, site owner, builder, and project manager.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) enables the ‘Steel Team’ Liberty Steel Buildings to produce the quality structures they are known for. It’s a way of coordinating every aspect of the design and build throughout the project’s lifecycle.

BIM is today’s standard for construction excellence.

If you’re ready to get started on your new aviation hangar, warehouse, firehall, water treatment plant, or any other structure, our staff will introduce you to this incredibly versatile way of working. If you are an Architect or coordinating consultant who is looking to work with a team who is already in the know by spear-heading the use of technology for collaboration, give us a call with the details of your next project! We will ensure we work seamlessly to bring your design parameters to reality!

Contact Liberty Steel today!

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